Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos:

I keep seeing recipes for fish tacos...Foodie shows featuring fish tacos...I think I've even seen a couple in my dreams! Tonight fish & chips was the dinner I twisted it a bit and made this super yummy, super filling, SUPER easy Fish Tacos. Go ahead, try some!!

Adjust quantities needed for the crowd size you are feeding. (I made myself 2 tacos...and still have 1 left over.)

-fajita size flour tortillas, slightly warmed
-sliced deli white American cheese
-baked crunchy battered fish fillets
-prepared salad mix - (iceberg lettuce with carrots)
-sliced black olives

This would be a great dish to serve on a taco bar, that way every one can pick the toppings or ingredients they prefer.

So, so good!

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