Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Angel Food: Rediscovered

  • Last weekend, I decided to buy a pre-made Angel Food cake at the local store to pair with some fresh strawberries that we already had from shopping earlier in the week.  My husband is on a fresh fruit kick right now and I have been happy to indulge his appetite, especially since the fruit available has been such good quality.
  • For me, I had not really planned on eating any of the Angel Food cake.  Then as I was prepping the strawberry slices and cake slices so my guys could build their own plates - I decided to try a bite.  Then another.  Then another.  I really liked this cake!
  • So my new mission:  figure out how to make an Angel Food cake at home. 
  • Price wise, the local store sells them already made at what I consider a very reasonable price.  BUT.  I want to know if I can recreate this yummy sponge cake in my own kitchen.
  • Challenge accepted! 

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