Thursday, October 20, 2011

O. M. Goodness Grilled Peaches

I've never grilled peaches before, and I really really wanted to try them.

Lucky me, my local store that sells everything had some beautiful peaches, right there by the cash registers yesterday.

It was fate!

With Jon's help, the peaches were cut in half, and then again in quarters...but that was mostly because I couldn't get them apart.


Then we dipped the cut sides of the fruit in brown sugar and wiped off the excess.

On to the hot grill pan they went. About medium heat. Not too hot, that brown sugar and the natural sugars of the peach could get ugly real fast if the heat was too high.

I grilled both sides of the peach quarter that hard brown sugar. I let them cook 3-4 minutes on each side. That's a lot longer than it sounds!

I knew they were ready when the peach began to soften and the sugar had caramelized on the peach.

Success!! These were absolutely wonderful! My 12 year old thought he would refuse to try one. He was wrong. He went back and got 2 more.

These boys!!

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